Having always been somewhat different, I feel this pull towards the arts. My first official introduction was in High School when I applied to the Visual Arts Program. I knew nothing about it and could barely draw. I was simply too scared to attend my home district School. At every corner was a crowd smoking or a gang of kids looking tough. At the art school, every corner had a band playing or a group dancing.

Being a late bloomer, I did not fully delve into depression until my mid University years. It was then that I discovered Jazz. Sonny Greenwich’s “Hymn to the Earth” album allowed me to lull in my depression to the point where it was too good to consider suicide. Jazz is such a wonderful eclectic form of artistry that I cannot create without it.

Having paid for my University education from working in the steel industry, I continued on in the field. It was the lure of immediate monetary gains and security that made me stay in the trade. Graduating from High School, I started as general labor, then machine operator, lead hand, and CAD draftsman by the time I finished university.

The call of art became dark, buried deep within, forgotten and thought to be lost, as advancement into project management and sales progressed.

Falling in utter blackness with no concept of time, my mind corrupted with projects, deadline and pricing, something finally broke and I exploded with this……..

A sincere Thank You to those who have visited my site, with each visitor I begin realizing a dream.